Introducing the InSync Business Group!

2015 was a great year for InSync and with success sometimes comes change. As we embark on a new year, we are pleased to announce that InSync Business Technologies, LLC is now InSync Business Group, LLC. This change opens the door for many exciting possibilities for the InSync team, which will allow us to expand into other areas of small business support; furthering our mission to help small businesses grow through an array of technology and consulting service offerings.


What does this change mean for me?


In the short term, business as usual. The quality level of service you have come to expect from InSync will remain the same and our commitment to you and your business will not change.


In the long term, more service offerings. As we move forward, our level of services will expand to cover more areas of small business support, allowing your business to benefit from a larger array of service offerings.


Will this affect any of my existing products?


It depends. We will continue to support and develop all existing WHMCS and WordPress modules and plugins. However, all WHMCS modules will need to be updated to reference new licensing URLs. Please proceed to our client portal to download the latest version of your WHMCS modules, which contains the updated licensing information. All WHMCS module clients have been granted free access to the latest version of their modules in order to download the required updates. Our WordPress plugin files are not required to be updated.


Is there a new website?


Yes! Along with our change in brand comes a fresh new website and client portal. Please proceed to to take a look at our new site and to log into our client portal.


Will my client information be effected?


Not at all. All client data has been securely transferred to the new client portal and there are no required updates or changes that need to be made on your part. All existing invoices or automatic payments will remain unaffected and are reflected in the new system. As always, we ask that if your information has changed or needs to be updated, please log into our client portal to make the required changes.


What if I have questions?


If you have any questions about this change, please contact us via our secure online portal at


Lastly, this message serves as official notice that our company policies have been updated. All InSync customers agree to have read and understand these policies and abide by them at all times. To review our latest policies, please visit


Once again, I would like to thank all of our loyal customers for trusting InSync for your business needs and here is looking forward to a year more exciting than the last!


Matthew Dauphinais
President & CEO