Payment Methods

In order to provide the best protection possible of your financial data, the InSync Business Group is happy to provide the following two payment options for processing invoice payments with us:


Payment by Credit/Debit Card

Customers can make payments by using a credit or debit card issued by Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express. Credit/debit cards can be added to your account in advance or during the checkout/invoice payment process.


Payment by ACH (Checking Account)

For customers that prefer not to use a credit/debit card to make payments, direct debit from a U.S. based checking account is accepted as well. Only bank accounts from a U.S. based financial institution are accepted.


All payments and payment methods are stored and processed by a third-party processing agent called Stripe. To ensure the security of your financial data, bank account and credit/debit card information is not stored on InSync Business Group servers. Payment methods are securely stored with Stripe and are only referenced for management and payment purposes in our client portal through the use of secure tokens.


Stored payment methods can be used for both one-time and recurring invoice payments. To update the stored payment methods for your account, please proceed to our client portal. Note: At the current time, new ACH accounts can only be added when making a manual payment. Once an ACH account has been added, it can then be used for automatic/recurring billing moving forward.