Referral Program

Making money has never been so easy! Clients participating in the InSync Business Group referral program will receive credit whenever a new order is processed and the client placing the order has entered a valid participating referral program e-mail ID during the checkout process.


Current Payout Rates


Item USD
Modules and Plugins $5.00
Consulting and Development Services $10.00

Signing up for the InSync Business GroupĀ referral program is easy. Simply visit our referral program sign-up page and complete the enrollment process. You must include a valid PayPal e-mail address as your Referral E-Mail ID. Provide this e-mail address to all your referrals and ask them to enter it into the Referral E-Mail ID box during checkout.

Payments will be made on a monthly basis through PayPal and sent to the e-mail address used when signing up for the referral program.

1. The InSync Business GroupĀ reserves the right to modify or cancel the provisions of the Referral Program at anytime and without notice. The payout rates listed are to be used as a guide only and are no guarantee of actual rates paid out at the time of issuance.


2. Referral E-Mail IDs must be entered at the time of purchase to qualify and will not be accepted after an order is completed.


3. Clients may not enter their own e-mail address as the Referral E-Mail ID in an attempt to receive monetary credit for a purchase made under their own identity or account. Any attempt found to deceive, defraud or negatively impact the integrity of the Referral Program by an enrolled member will result in immediate removal from the Referral Program.


4. Valid Referral E-Mail IDs must be entered in order to receive referral credit for the order. Only e-mail addresses registered with the Referral Program will be accepted as a valid entry to receive credit for the Referral Program.


5. The InSync Business Group will not be held liable for any Referral E-Mail ID entered incorrectly in an honest attempt to give credit to the referrer.


6. Payouts will only be issued through PayPal. Referral Program members must have a valid PayPal account in order to receive program payments.


7. Referral Program credits do not apply to free trial periods or products and services offered free of charge.

Any questions concerning the referral program should be submitting using the client portal.