IBG App Installer - All-in-One (AiO)

Compatible with WHMCS 7.x & WHMCS 8.x

Instantly install popular website applications such as WordPress, Joomla and the #1 web hosting automation platform, WHMCS!


The IBG App Installer – All-in-One (AiO) module for WHMCS is designed for web hosting providers that are currently offering web hosting accounts and are looking for an integrated “one-click” provisioning solution to provide application sites (e.g. blog sites, e-commerce sites, etc.) to their customers. Whether you only want to load one file or load a completely functioning website, you can do it with this module!

How It Works

Built on the foundation of our popular IBG App Installer modules (IBG App Installer – WordPress, IBG App Installer – WHMCS and IBG App Installer – Joomla), the IBG App Installer – AiO module brings together the powerful capabilities from all of these modules into a single package, providing the ability to install any application using pre-defined fields and functionality specifically designed for highly popular application platforms such as WordPress, WHMCS and Joomla. In addition to pre-defined applications, you can also use the IBG App Installer – AiO module to install basic configuration settings for any website (to include a database and folders/files). The IBG App Installer – AiO module includes some of these great features:


  • Provision application sites using WHMCS Products and Product Addons
  • Create pre-defined, fully configured, site configuration templates to be used when provisioning new client application sites
  • Assign a custom sub-folder or sub-domain location to the new application site
  • Easy to use module controls
  • Show or hide client application site launch button from WHMCS client interface
  • For supported applications, integrated Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality from both the WHMCS client and admin interface
  • Customize the client’s application site by providing a custom database configuration file
  • Customize the .htaccess and configuration files, among many others
  • Customize values in the client’s application site database file using our RegEx Pattern Match function and database update codes
  • Load customized files and custom cron job tasks to the remote site
  • Send the client a welcome e-mail with their new application site admin credentials

Supported Hosting Platforms

  • DirectAdmin
  • cPanel
  • Plesk (some module functions are unavailable due to Plesk API limitations)

Built-In Application Support

  • Joomla
  • WHMCS (install fully-functioning WHMCS sites)
  • WordPress

Note: This module is sold as a software lease and the recurring monthly or annual fee will enable you to receive unlimited module support and module upgrades.

30-Day Free Trial

$9.95/Month or $99/Year