Order Offer Module

Compatible with WHMCS 5.2 - 7.x


Keep your customers coming back with special offers that grab their attention! The Order Offer module for WHMCS randomly displays pre-selected product offers to users on any Client Area page as well as the View Checkout and Checkout Complete pages. Use this module to display current promotions, promote products related to the client, or simply display other products in your inventory.

How It Works

With our Order Offer module, you can:


  • Display a pre-selected group of products or services based on client group or existing product criteria.
  • Display promotional discounts and promotion codes associated with the product.
  • Display order offers on any client area and order form template page.
  • Enable customers to add the displayed products/services to their cart with a single click.


Each order offer is configured in the admin area to display a specific set of products, bundles or domains. You can choose to limit the display of a particular offer based on the client’s group assignment or products currently assigned to the client. When the available offers are displayed to the client, the module goes through and randomly selects an eligible offer for which the client is allowed to see. It then selects up to the maximum number of products identified in the configuration settings to show to the client.


In addition, you can link the offer to a current promotion providing discounts for the items within that offer. For example, a discounted offer could be used as special offer thanking clients for placing an order.


Product Image Module Add On – If you have purchased our Product Image Module, the offers shown with this module will also display the applicable product or bundle image within the displayed offer.

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