WHMCS Auto-Provision Module

Compatible with WHMCS 5.2 - 7.x

This module has been replaced with the IBG App Installer - All-in-One (AiO).


The WHMCS Auto-Provision module for WHMCS is used to provision the world’s leading web hosting billing and automation platform for web hosting providers.

How It Works

The WHMCS Auto-Provision module accomplishes the following:


  • Provision a new WHMCS site with a WHMCS Product or Product Addon
  • Creates a new website hosting account to host the WHMCS site (if used as a product)
  • Creates a WHMCS MySQL database
  • Imports default data into the WHMCS MySQL database
  • Loads WHMCS into either the root “public_html” or custom directory
  • Creates a new WHMCS admin account using the client’s e-mail address as their login
  • Sends the client a welcome e-mail with their WHMCS admin credentials (if enabled)

Once a client places an order for a new WHMCS hosting management site, the WHMCS Auto-Provision module will automatically setup a new hosting account for the client and pre-load a new WHMCS site with the client’s name and e-mail address from the order. Within approximately 30 seconds, the new WHMCS site will be ready for the client to login and begin customizing their new WHMCS application.


The WHMCS Auto-Provision module allows hosting providers to equip client’s who are looking to provide web hosting services, develop and sell software or simply need a robust e-commerce and client management platform for their business. With the module’s ability to integrate with the WHMCS reseller API, hosting providers who are also WHMCS resellers can take advantage of a fantastic revenue opportunity by choosing to automatically generate or terminate WHMCS licenses when the client’s WHMCS site is installed or terminated. This provides the client with a fully functioning application without any need for configuration.

Not Currently a WHMCS Reseller?

To take full advantage of what the WHMCS Auto-Provision Module has to offer, we strongly recommend becoming a WHMCS reseller. This will enable you to generate additional revenue by provisioning WHMCS sites complete with a WHMCS license key, without any additional steps!


To learn more about participating in the WHMCS reseller program, please visit the WHMCS Reseller information page.