WordPress Auto-Provision Module Release History

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Latest Release

V3.0.23/3.0.24 – 19 December 2017 – Maintenance Update


  • Added ability to assign custom installation folders as a sub-domain.

Change Log

Version 3.0

V3.0.22 - 8 December 2017 - Maintenance Update

  • Improved performance for RegEx processing.
  • Minor bug fixes.

V3.0.20/3.0.21 - 21 October 2017 - Maintenance Update

  • Updated encoding method of WHMCS product configuration settings in order to meet compliance of some Apache mod_security configurations.

V3.0.19 - 15 September 2017 - Maintenance Update

  • Corrected an error in the RegEx Pattern Matching function which incorrectly appended a blank sub-domain to the provisioned URL and caused the module to loop through all regex attributes, slowing down the provisioning process.

V3.0.18 - 10 September 2017 - Maintenance Update

  • Corrected WHMCS base URL for client interface WordPress login buttons.

V3.0.17 - 6 September 2017 - Maintenance Update

  • Updated WordPress Package Builder to use URL download protocol instead of FTP protocol, for exporting the compiled site archive from the remote WordPress server. Also modified the MySQL execution command string to be more universal for different platforms.
  • Updated file permission correction function to correctly match and remove the corresponding cron job, rather than just the first one in the list.
  • Forced WordPress Site URL value to be all lowercase.

V3.0.15/16 - 2 September 2017 - Maintenance Update

  • Added variable replacement options for wp-config.php file.
  • Set RegEx Pattern Matching to exclude the following tables by default: _options, _usermeta, _users. Parsing these tables with the RegEx tool would cause site templates or user accounts to break in some instances. If you need to filter these tables with RegEx, please view this page for code that can be added to include these tables.

V3.0.9 - 3.0.13 - 28 August 2017 - Maintenance Update

  • Improved management of temp folders and added option to store temp folders in module folder.
  • Added filename length restriction for PHAR TAR/ZIP archive file creation, in compliance with USTAR file format restrictions. Filenames longer than 99 characters would previously cause the archive process to fail.

V3.0.8/3.0.9 - 27 August 2017 - Maintenance Update

  • Improved RegEx Pattern Matching performance.
  • Added escaping for database values with special characters in RegEx Pattern Matching updates.

V3.0.7 - 22 August 2017 - Maintenance Update

  • Added legacy FTP function back into module as an option due to some SSL security configuration issues blocking new cURL FTP functions.

V3.0 - 23 July 2017 - Enhancement Update (Includes 3.0.1 - 3.0.6 Supplemental Updates)

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are upgrading to this version from a previous version, please see these important upgrade instructions.


New Features

  • Improved the design of the WordPress configuration settings interface.
    Introduced the WordPress Package Builder tool. This tool will connect to a remote WordPress template site and automatically import all of the files and database settings into a package folder, ready for provisioning new WordPress sites.
  • Added the ability to specify the port number for FTP transfers.
  • Added new fields for specifying .htaccess and wp-config.php file contents on the configuration settings screen. Removed wpconfig.php settings file from the package folder.
  • Added the ability to provision WordPress sites using scheduled CRON jobs in WHMCS 7.0 and higher. This eliminates the required waiting period from the client and admin interfaces while the script is processing.
  • Added a WordPress Single Sign-On (SSO) button to client interface. SSO relies on client’s WHMCS e-mail address matching their username in WordPress (the default configuration when a new site is provisioned).



  • Upgraded cPanel API version 1.0 calls to API version 2.0.
  • Upgraded FTP protocol to use PHP cURL.
  • Removed client-side button for provisioning the WordPress testing site in order to prevent inconsistencies in performance between WHMCS products and product addons.



  • Reversed order of WordPress core files and custom files being added. Custom files will now be added first and then the WordPress core files added second. This order matches the impact of WordPress updates occurring later on and will allow developers to quickly identify any customizations that are not setup properly, resulting in those files being overwritten by the WordPress core install.
  • Removed the language setting from the wp-config.php file and added the WPLANG value to the options table in the WordPress database, as per a change released in WordPress version 4.0.
  • Corrected syntax error in the default e-mail template which caused a WHMCS warning when e-mails were sent out.
  • Additional minor bug fixes.


Supplemental Updates



  • Corrected client-side SSO button login error.



  • Added token key to WordPress SSO process for POST procedure.



  • (Core Update) Set cPanel client-side login to follow SSL option set in WHMCS server settings.
  • Added SSL option for hosting platform login in WordPress Package Builder.



  • Corrected character conversion error with wp-config.php and .htaccess input fields.



  • Corrected extraction path error in WordPress Package Builder.



  • Corrected special character limitations in WordPress Package Builder.

V3.0.14 - 1 September 2017 - Maintenance Update

  • Added file permission correction option to fix incorrect file and folder permissions being applied in some server environments.

Version 2.6

V2.6.4 - 22 March 2017 - Maintenance Update

  • Corrected testing site sub-domain not being created for custom domains.

V2.6.3 - 16 March 2017 - Maintenance Update

  • Corrected custom domain variables not being properly applied.
  • Corrected secure and unsecure port assignments for cPanel webmail client login.
  • Corrected variable http/https prefix button assignment on client interface for sites provisioned as a product addon.

V2.6.2 - 28 February 2017 - Maintenance Update

  • Removed requirement for PHP option allow_url_fopen.

V2.6.1 - 24 February 2017 - Maintenance Update

  • Corrected custom table prefix automatic detection error.

V2.6 - 9 February 2017 - Enhancement Update

  • Added FTP connection retry loop for slower provisioning servers.
  • Updated database collation settings (for initial module install only) to match the existing WHMCS database.
  • Added new option to specify WordPress site URL prefix (http:// or https://).
  • Changed execution sequence of RegEx Pattern Matching to allow for modifying WordPress user profiles and option table data.
  • Removed requirement to specify SQL Table Prefix of the site being provisioned.
  • Relocated WHMCS External IP setting to the Addon Modules configuration interface and added automatic retry using wildcard values upon first error.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 2.5

V2.5.7 - 29 January 2017 - Maintenance Update

Corrected MySQL database username length for the optional dev/testing site installation to meet the 16 character maximum on older cPanel/WHM platforms.

V2.5.6 - 16 January 2017 - Maintenance Update

  • Corrected error parsing boolean values passed through the RegEx Pattern Matchnig function.
  • Corrected version comparison error in module update function.

V2.5.5 - 2 January 2017 - Maintenance Update

  • Corrected admin area WordPress SSO compatibility error with Firefox browsers.

V2.5.4 - 26 December 2016 - Maintenance Update

  • Core update for version reporting.
  • Updated included WordPress zip file to version 4.7.

V2.5.3 - 17 December 2016 - Maintenance Update

  • Replaced depreciated PHP function preg_replace with preg_replace_callback.
  • Corrected missing references for database charset.
  • Added additional recommended security settings to generated .htaccess file.
  • Minor bug fixes.

V2.5.2 - 9 December 2016 - Maintenance Update

  • Added client profile and hosting username/password data to quick value variables for RegEx Pattern Matching.

V2.5.1 - 6 December 2016 - Maintenance Update

V2.5 - 5 December 2016 - Enhancement Update

  • Added ability to randomize WordPress table prefix for added security.
  • Added reference for custom product fields in sqlregex.php.
  • Corrected error with custom IP assignment for cPanel environments.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 2.4

V2.4.5 - 31 October 2016 - Maintenance Update

  • Corrected reporting error with licensing function.

V2.4.4 - 30 October 2016 - Maintenance Update

  • Confirmed compatibility with PHP 7 and ionCube loader 6.0.
  • Updated database charset to pull from WHMCS configuration file, rather than forcing UTF8.
  • Corrected error with WordPress single sign-on showing temporary URL when using a custom domain.
  • Added version reporting back to the InSync Business Group.
  • Corrected reference for development site sub-domain to enforce folder location within /public_html/ directory.
  • Minor bug fixes.

V2.4.3 - 8 October 2016 - Maintenance Update

  • Confirmed compatibility with WHMCS 7.0.
  • Corrected Smarty error with default e-mail template.
  • Corrected product link on addon configuration settings page.
  • Minor bug fixes.

V2.4.2 - 16 July 2016 - Maintenance Update

  • Corrected sort order of package folders in drop down menu on configuration interface.
  • Corrected JavaScript error when enabling or disabling the Welcome E-Mail option on the configuration interface.

V2.4 - 1 July 2016 - Enhancement Update ***SEE IMPORTANT UPGRADING NOTES***

  • Integrated welcome e-mail into the WHMCS built-in e-mail template system.
  • Updated WordPress configuration settings page to restrict fields not applicable to product addons.
  • Converted Custom Folder Field value on WordPress configuration settings page to a drop down menu.
  • Added RegEx parsing feature to replace specific strings or patterns of text in the database.sql file.
  • Corrected error causing module hook to load when module was deactivated.
  • Updated MySQLi database calls and incorporated WHMCS Capsule DBAL component for WHMCS v6.0 and above users.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Upgrading Instructions


If upgrading from version 2.3.8 or below, please note the following items:


  • Welcome E-Mail Templates – Before uploading the version 2.4 module files, go through each of your existing WordPress configuration settings and make a copy of the welcome e-mail template code (simply paste into a basic word processing application such as Notepad). Next, create a new e-mail template in WHMCS for each of these templates and replace the referenced variables as noted here. Finally, once you have updated to version 2.4, go back into each of your existing WordPress configuration settings and select the applicable new e-mail template you created from the drop down menu. If you are using the same template format for each of your products, then you only need to create one e-mail template and select the same one in each of your WordPress configuration settings. Note: A recommended welcome e-mail template format will be automatically added to WHMCS using the name of the module. You can simply select this one if it works for you or modify as necessary.
  • Custom Folder Field (if used) – Before uploading the version 2.4 module files, go through each of your existing WordPress configuration settings and make a note of the custom folder field value entered for each one. Then, after updating to version 2.4, go back through each of your WordPress configuration settings and ensure that the new drop down menu is set to the correct field name.

Version 2.3

V2.3.8 - 18 May 2016 - Maintenance Update

  • Renamed API classes to prevent conflict with other modules using the same references.
  • Corrected error in WordPress single sign-on for DirectAdmin hosting environments.
  • Corrected system-wide error generated when a non-module related addon was added to a client’s profile, preventing the addon from activating successfully.
  • Relocated API folder/files to WHMCS core includes/api folder.

V2.3.7 - 17 March 2016 - Maintenance Update

  • Corrected communication issue with module licensing server, effecting some environments.

V2.3.6 - 11 March 2016 - Maintenance Update

  • Corrected memory over utilization with zip archive option.
  • Added alternate zip archive option using PHP PharData.
  • Improved temp directory clearing function.
  • Improved debug logging.
  • Minor bug fixes.

V2.3.5 - 1 February 2016 - Maintenance Update ***REQUIRED UPDATE***

  • Updated licensing server path and company reference links. All users are required to upgrade to this version within 1-year due to the change in licensing server path.

V2.3.4 - 20 December 2015 - Maintenance Update

  • Added configuration option to choose archive type used for uploading WordPress site files during provisioning.

V2.3.3 – 28 October 2015 – Maintenance Update

  • Changed archive compression method used to compile WordPress files prior to provisioning. File permission errors were reported on some systems using the PHP ZIPArchive function.
  • Minor bug fixes.

V2.3.2 – 27 September 2015 – Maintenance Update

  • Corrected issue with WordPress login function on admin interface for product addons.
  • Corrected display issues with WordPress login button on admin interface for product addons.
  • Minor bug fixes.

V2.3.1 – 22 September 2015 – Maintenance Update

  • Corrected issue with Single Sign-On for WordPress admin panel failing when WHMCS was using SSL (HTTPS).
  • Corrected issue with WordPress login button on client interface not correctly showing temporary URLs.
  • Corrected template formatting class for client interface module buttons.

V2.3 – 21 September 2015 – Enhancement Update

  • Single Sign-On (SSO) support added for hosting control panel and WordPress control panel accounts from the WHMCS admin interface.
  • Added WordPress login buttons to client interface for sites provisioned as a product addon.
  • Updated PDO timeout and error reporting.
  • Corrected issue with temp folders not being removed.
  • Minor bug fixes.

UPGRADE NOTE: In order to display the WordPress login buttons, for WordPress sites provisioned as a product addon, on the client interface, you must add the code {$appprovisionwp_wplogin|replace:’modulebutton’:’btn btn-default btn-sm’} to the template file clientareaproductdetails.tpl.

Version 2.2

V2.2 – 7 September 2015 – Enhancement Update

  • Enabled remote connection validation to verify remote server connectivity before provisioning.
  • Added FTP SSH2 support.
  • Improved error reporting for PDO.
  • Moved define(‘DB_CHARSET’) and define(‘DB_COLLATE’) variables to custom wpconfig.php file. In conjunction with the database.sql file, this change will allow customization of the database configuration, as needed. *This change requires users upgrading from previous versions of this module to add the new variables to all wpconfig.php package files. Please see the default wpconfig.php file included in release v2.2 or later for an example.
  • Specified UTF-8 charset for configuration settings stored values. Required for foreign character/language support.
  • Corrected server stat (bandwidth/disk space) reporting error.
  • Enforced server hosting username length to 8 characters.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 2.1

V2.1 – 1 August 2015 – Enhancement Update (2.0 Stable Release)

  • WordPress sites provisioned as a product addon are removed when the product addon is cancelled or terminated.
  • WordPress admin password stored under configuration settings is encrypted in the database.
  • Specify custom installation folder name with variables.
  • DirectAdmin hosting server compatible.
  • WordPress wp-config.php now stored in the WordPress root folder (to address compatibility issues with some server configurations) but added security to .htaccess preventing direct access to the file.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 2.0 Beta

V2.0 Beta – 14 July 2015 – Enhancement Update

  • Compatibility with WHMCS v6.
  • Ability to provision WordPress using a product addon (e.g. as a feature to an existing cPanel hosting account).
  • Simplified naming scheme for custom WordPress installation packages.
  • Custom welcome e-mail templates for each configured product.
  • Automatic daily updates of core WordPress files.
  • Requirement for PHP PDO for database connectivity.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.9

V1.9.1 – 25 May 2015 – Maintenance Update

  • Apostrophe in client name caused fatal error while provisioning WordPress site.
  • Updated recommended minimum WHMCS version to 5.3 due to GLOBAL variable conflicts.
  • Updated included WordPress package to v4.2.2.
  • Minor bug fixes.

V1.9 – 19 December 2014 – Enhancement Update

  • Added controls to the client area for accessing the WordPress testing site administration page and provisioning/re-provisioning the WordPress testing site, if enabled in the module settings.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.8

V1.8.9 – 18 December 2014 – Maintenance Update

  • Updated support for WordPress 4.1.

V1.8.8 – 2 December 2014 – Maintenance Update

  • Forced database username prefix in cPanel for configurations where this function is disabled.

V1.8.7 – 21 November 2014 – Enhancement Update

  • Added ability to customize WordPress URL.
  • Added to park secondary domain.
  • Minor bug fixes.

V1.8.5 – 26 October 2014 – Maintenance Update

  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Downgraded version of file encryption for compatibility with older PHP installations.

V1.8.4 – 19 October 2014 – Enhancement Update

  • Added the ability to specify a custom field value which will allow the client to select from multiple WordPress installation packages under a single WHMCS product, rather than creating a separate product for each WordPress installation package.
  • Added integrated provisioning support for the cPanel E-Mail Manager WordPress plugin.

V1.8.3 – 30 September 2014 – Maintenance Update

  • Upgraded licensing validation script causing intermittent server connectivity issues.

V1.8.2 – 27 September 2014 – Maintenance Update

  • Upgraded depreciated database functions from mysql to mysqli.
  • Added PHP PDO functionality for importing custom .sql database files.
  • Replaced temporary URL hostname with cPanel account IP address.

V1.8.1 – 17 September 2014 – Maintenance Update

  • Removed automated WordPress program file download from http://www.wordpress.org due to configuration changes made by WordPress.org which caused script incompatibility.

V1.8 – 05 September 2014 – Enhancement Update

  • Added ability to provision a second copy of WordPress to use for testing/development under a separate sub-domain.
  • Added ability to select FTP or FTP over SSL protocol.
  • Added ability to delay provisioning of WordPress during the ordering process. This reduces delays and website timeouts experienced to users on the front-end while waiting for large WordPress sites to be provisioned.
  • Minor bug fixes, improved module efficiency, and improved error reporting.

Version 1.7

V1.7 – 13 July 2014 – Enhancement Update

  • Added additional module configuration settings to easily create an alternate administrator user, set the user’s WordPress user role, set the WordPress domain setting, and set the default WordPress blog name and description.
  • Updated sql.php file to remove unnecessary coding that was replaced with the module configuration interface.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.6

V1.6 – 7 June 2014 – Enhancement Update (*Significant Change)

  • Improved custom SQL import capability by allowing the SQL database export (*.sql) file to be imported.
  • Updated sql.php file to accommodate changes to the SQL data import process, simplifying customization requirements.

Version 1.5

V1.5.3 – 31 May 2014 – Maintenance Update

  • Improved error reporting for sql.php.
  • Added .htaccess file generation with default WordPress settings.

V1.5.2 – 26 May 2014 – Maintenance Update

  • Added function to sql.php for easy creation of additional WordPress users.

V1.5.1 – 23 May 2014 – Maintenance Update

  • Updated the module to automatically include the latest release of WordPress.
  • Improved layout and ease-of-use of sql.php.

V1.5 – 18 May 2014 – Maintenance Update

  • Updated the module to include the latest release of WordPress 3.9.1.
  • Corrected potential function conflicts with external modules.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.4

V1.4.1 – 27 Apr 2014 – Maintenance Update

  • Corrected bug that did not hide the Change Password function from client view when cPanel controls were disabled.
  • Corrected SQL default data functions for latest version of WordPress.

V1.4 – 26 Apr 2014 – WordPress Package Update

  • Updated the module to include the latest release of WordPress 3.9.
  • Added functionality for updating cPanel password from WHMCS.
  • Added functionality for updating assigned cPanel hosting package when a product upgrade/downgrade occurs in WHMCS.

Version 1.3

V1.3.1 – 12 Apr 2014 – WordPress Package Update

  • Updated the module to include the latest release of WordPress 3.8.2.

V1.3 – 16 Mar 2014 – Enhancement Update

  • Provision WordPress in one of 65 pre-installed languages.
  • Add custom theme, plugin, or language files to the WordPress installation.
  • Modify or add custom default data to the MySQL database.
  • Customize different WordPress package installations (e.g. offer one package that installs the blue theme, offer another package that installs the red theme).

Version 1.2

V1.2 – 12 Mar 2014 – Minor Update

  • Added option to specify an alternate WHMCS external IP address (needed for remote MySQL data importing).
  • Added the ability to customize the default MySQL data being imported.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.1

V1.1 – 10 Mar 2014 – Minor Update

  • Added the ability to select between loading default data or allowing client to run through the configuration themselves. Loading default data requires the ability to connect to the MySQL database remotely and not all web hosts allow or support this capability.

Version 1.0