WordPress Auto-Provision Module

Compatible with WHMCS 5.2 - 7.x

This module has been replaced with the IBG App Installer - All-in-One (AiO).


The WordPress Auto-Provision module for WHMCS is meant for web hosting providers that are currently offering web hosting accounts and are looking for an integrated “one-click” provisioning solution to provide WordPress blog hosting packages to their customers.

How It Works

The WordPress Auto-Provision module accomplishes the following:


  • Provision a new WordPress site with a WHMCS Product or Product Addon
  • Creates a new website hosting account to host the WordPress site (if used as a product)
  • Creates a WordPress MySQL database
  • Imports default data into the WordPress MySQL database
  • Loads WordPress into either the root “public_html” or custom directory
  • Creates a new WordPress admin account using the client’s e-mail address as their login
  • Sends the client a welcome e-mail with their WordPress admin credentials (if enabled)


Once a client places an order for a WordPress blog site, the WordPress Auto-Provision module will automatically setup a new hosting account for the client and pre-load a new WordPress blog site with the client’s name and e-mail address from the order. Within approximately 30 seconds, the new WordPress site will be ready for the client to login and begin customizing their new blog application.


The WordPress Auto-Provision module allows hosting providers to offer a lower cost website solution for their clients as an alternative to a full blown website hosting account. While the module does create a hosting account on the web server to run the WordPress blog site, the module eliminates the need to provide the client with any of the web hosting control panel resources or access (such as FTP or phpMyAdmin). This is good for clients who are looking for a quick blog solution but do not need all of the features of a website control panel such as POP3 E-Mail, MySQL, FTP, FrontPage, etc. This also allows the web hosting provider to offer different levels of hosting solutions for their customers (WordPress Only, Website Hosting Package 1, Website Hosting Package 2, etc.).

Does This Module Use WordPress Multi-Site (MU)?

No. This module installs a fully functioning independent version of WordPress for your client so they can install and manage their own templates, plug-ins, config settings, etc..