cPanel E-Mail Manager Plugin (Discontinued)


The WordPress cPanel E-Mail Manager plugin allows for the administration of cPanel e-mail accounts from the WordPress administration interface. Features include the ability to add and remove e-mail accounts, link existing e-mail accounts to WordPress users, manage mailing lists and more!

This product has been discontinued and will not be supported for version of WordPress beyond v5.0.3.




E-Mail Management

Create E-Mail Accounts

Remove E-Mail Accounts

Edit E-Mail Quota

Edit E-Mail Password (Admin Interface)

Edit E-Mail Password (Client Interface)

Link Existing E-Mail Accounts

Mailing Lists

Create Mailing Lists

Remove Mailing Lists

Advanced Administration Access

cPanel Management

Hide cPanel Credentials from Interface

Set Global Credentials for Multisite (MU)


Automatic E-Mail Account Generation

E-Mail Notification to New Users