cPanel E-Mail Manager Plugin


The WordPress cPanel E-Mail Manager plugin allows for the administration of cPanel e-mail accounts from the WordPress administration interface. Features include the ability to add and remove e-mail accounts, link existing e-mail accounts to WordPress users, manage mailing lists and more! See the list of available features or download the plugin and try the standard version for free!

This plugin is available for download from this site or from the WordPress plugin directory. The standard version of this plugin is free and includes basic functionality such as creating and removing e-mail accounts.




E-Mail Management

Create E-Mail Accounts

RemoveĀ E-Mail Accounts

Edit E-Mail Quota

Edit E-Mail Password (Admin Interface)

Edit E-Mail Password (Client Interface)

Link Existing E-Mail Accounts

Mailing Lists

Create Mailing Lists

Remove Mailing Lists

Advanced Administration Access

cPanel Management

Hide cPanel Credentials from Interface

Set Global Credentials for Multisite (MU)


Automatic E-Mail Account Generation

E-Mail Notification to New Users


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